About us

SAMKO has a rich history that dates back several years when it originated as a spin-off from a mobile game publisher. Being game developers ourselves, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of app developers. This firsthand experience inspired us to create the ultimate AdMonetization tool, designed specifically for app developers, by app developers.

Our primary objective is to help our app publishers and developers maximize their advertising revenues. We achieve this by providing exceptional service and technical support, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible experience. We strive to simplify the lives of our publishers by eliminating hidden fees and minimizing manual work.

Gravite takes pride in being a publisher-first platform that operates with impartiality. We prioritize the needs of our publishers and developers, delivering an unbiased mediation solution. With Gravite, you can rest assured that your interests come first.

Our mission is to empower app developers and publishers by offering a comprehensive mediation platform that streamlines the ad monetization process. We aim to generate maximum revenues while providing unparalleled service and support.

Choose Gravite and experience the benefits of a publisher-first approach, with no hidden fees and a hassle-free experience. We are committed to being the market's leading mediation platform, dedicated to the success and satisfaction of our valued publishers and developers.

Gravite stands out as the leading Publisher-First AdMonetization platform in the industry. Unlike AdNetworks, our focus is solely on providing transparent and efficient AdMonetization services to publishers. We take pride in managing all major mobile RTB exchanges and AdNetworks on behalf of our clients, ensuring maximum revenue generation.


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