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Samko is a premier AdMonetization platform that prioritizes publishers above all else. It was specifically designed by app developers for app developers. Our advanced platform handles all the major mobile RTB exchanges and AdNetworks, ensuring optimal advertising revenues while delivering exceptional service and technical support. With a fully automated system, there are no hidden fees or manual tasks required. Our comprehensive AdMonetization solution takes care of everything, from integrating multiple SDKs to establishing floor prices. Our devoted team of professionals is committed to assisting you in maximizing your advertising revenues. Experience the benefits of Samko today and effortlessly generate maximum revenue!


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Samko’s 100% AI-based optimization tool!

Meet SamkoAI - the fully automated, machine learning based mediation product that optimizes performance parameters in real-time, delivering revenue uplifts of up to 100%.

Managed Service

Managed Service

Samko manages your complete AdMonetization. Sit back and watch our team and tech grow your revenues. We handle it all for you!


Google Expertise

Samko is a member of Google's CPP program, and can give access to valuable resources for managing Google Ad Manager (GAM). Don't miss out on the most powerful RTB Exchange!

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"We trust Samko to monetize over football fans in our apps. Since integrating, we increased our advertising revenues by over 100%."


"Samko's Managed Services allowed us to scale at an unprecedented speed. We benefit greatly from being able to focus on our core business while effectively optimizing our advertising revenue growth. It's the best monetization provider we've worked with."

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"Lep’s World has reached over 100 million downloads. Samko’s high service and RTB Platform have increased our overall advertising revenues by a lot."


"Integrating the RTB Platform was easy and quick. We just updated the SDK and Samko took care of the rest. We were delighted with the much higher revenues!"


"Their unique machine learning tool actually takes advantage of shifts in CPM throughout the day and so always generates the highest possible revenues, which is especially relevant for a time-sensitive app like ours."


"Samko is a trusted partner of StepsApp and we are very happy to embark on this journey together. The results so far have been amazing and have helped us in growing our business."


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We are a dynamic and dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about providing exceptional service to our clients. Our team takes pride in our diverse backgrounds and expertise, which enables us to approach challenges with a fresh perspective and a touch of creativity. Whether it's technology, account management, or business development, we are fully committed to delivering innovative solutions that yield tangible results for our clients.

At the core of our team lies a shared ethos of hard work, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We firmly believe that through our collective efforts, we can accomplish remarkable feats and deliver extraordinary value to our clients. With a strong emphasis on teamwork and a steadfast commitment to achieving success, we eagerly anticipate the future and the opportunities it holds for both our team and the clients we have the privilege to serve.